The Sample Preparation Network welcomes new regular members. Membership is open to individuals who subscribe to the objectives of the network and who are professionally engaged in or associated with sample preparation.

There are no fees to join this Action; simply fill this form, save it as "SURNAME.docx" and send it to our Communication Manager (Dr. Francisco J. Pena) at sampleprep<at>

You will be asked for your personal info, contact details and your field of interest. You should also choose one or more working groups and whether you wish to receive news on activities.

All members of the Sample Preparation Network can:

  • Share their research and other activities with members of our community
  • Contribute with new articles in our specialized forums in science magazines
  • Participate in our conference sessions
  • Participate in our Special Issues in Journals
  • Facilitate cross team collaboration
  • Get updates on all activities
  • Increase their professional visibility