Open Call for contributions in a Special Issue that will appear in Molecules (MDPI). Guest Editors: Maria Celeiro and Maria Llompart

The EuChemS Sample Preparation Task Force and Network supports the Special Issue to appear in Molecules (MDPI), entitled:

Last Advances in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Analysis

with Guest Editors our Members:

Maria Celeiro and Maria Llompart


Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15th July 2021



Cosmetics and personal care products are complex matrices formed by a wide range of chemical compounds. In recent years, the trend has been moving toward including other additives such as bioactive molecules or compounds with nutraceuticals properties. Their matrix complexity, together with the wide range of cosmetics and personal care products currently marketed, imply a challenge for their analysis, with most of them requiring a sample pre-treatment step before analysis.

We cordially invite authors to contribute original articles or reviews that will give the readers of Molecules updated information about the recent advances in cosmetics and personal care products analysis. Such contributions may include new sample preparation strategies based on microextraction and green miniaturized techniques to determine a broad spectrum of compounds in cosmetic and personal care products, as well as the identification and characterization of bioactive compounds from natural extracts that could be employed as value-added ingredients.

There will be a 30% discount for the first 10 submissions of Sample Preparation Study Group and Network members. Kindly note that resubmission will not enjoy this special discount again.

Keywords: Cosmetic analysis, Sample preparation, Microextraction techniques, Miniaturization, New materials, Green chemistry

Author guidelines: