The Sample Preparation Study Group and Network coordinates a number of activities:

  • Publications in scientific journals
  • Special Issues in the Journal "Advances in Sample Preparation" by Elsevier
  • In collaboration with major Science Magazines publishes articles, interviews and opinions
  • Organization of a course on an annual basis that provides hands-on training to a variety of methods
  • Organization of special sessions focusing on Sample Preparation in Euroanalysis and other International Conferences

Members that wish to propose a new activity should follow the instructions found here.

Joining the Network

The Sample Preparation Network welcomes new regular members. Membership is open to academic and non-academic individuals who subscribe to the objectives of the Task Force and Network and who are professionally engaged in or associated with sample preparation.

There are no fees to join this Action; simply follow the instructions found here.


The presence in social network media is coordinated for viral communication of information. 

News of this Action can be found in worldwide social e-platforms (eg. LinkedIn, Twitter and Research Gate).


To increase visibility and networking the Members of this Action may wish to share their research work with the Sample Preparation community (for more information click here).