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EuChemS-DAC Sample Preparation Study Group and Network

Sample preparation continues to attract the attention of a number of research teams around the world. Research in the area has been outstandingly successful with a number of groups reporting breakthrough concepts, novel techniques and materials. Despite these advances the area has not been effective in projecting its contemporary advances on other prominent academic and non-academic platforms. There has been a lack of communication within and outside the discipline, lack of public engagement and lack of coordination on credible and influential voices to articulate.

The EuChemS-DAC Sample Preparation Study Group and Network aim to promote sample preparation through the creation of clusters, organization of events, facilitation of communication, information exchange, networking, and the promotion of fundamental studies and cross-disciplinary collaboration. To further benefit the area, efforts are placed on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship as well as promoting early stage researchers involvement.

Together, we are delivering a common future by connecting, innovating and transforming the sample preparation community. Join our International team counting more than 700 members from 53 countries around the globe and become part of this vision.


Professor Elefteria Psillakis, TUCrete, Greece

Head of EuChemS-DAC Sample Preparation Study Group and Network