WG4. Green Sample Preparation

Green sample preparation is sample preparation. It is not a new sub-discipline of sample preparation but a guiding principle towards sustainability goals. This WG will focus on all green aspects of Sample Preparation and the main aims will be to promote and advance the practice of Green Sample Preparation. 

Activities of WG4 include:

  • Organization of Special Issues in the Journal "Advances in Sample Preparation" by Elsevier
  • Contribution of articles in Science Magazines
  • Independent publications in Scientific Journals
  • Organization of webinars

The Sample Prep Task Task Force and Network collaborates with "The Analytical Scientist".

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WG4. Leaders

Verónica Pino is a Professor of the Chemistry Department (Analytical Chemistry Division) at Universidad de La Laguna (Spain) and leads the Laboratory of Materials for Chemical Analysis Research Group. Her research interests in analytical sample preparation include the development of novel liquid-based and sorbent-based microextraction approaches while including novel materials such as metal-organic frameworks, biopolymers, and ionic liquids and derivatives.


Marek Tobiszewski is Professor at Analytical Chemistry Department of Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland) where he received PhD in 2012 and habilitation in 2017. His scientific interests include analysis of organic compounds in environmental samples and introduction of green chemistry concept to analytical chemistry. His scientific achievements include the assessment of the environmental impact of chemical reagents and solvents as well as various chemical processes. He also deals with development of liquid phase microextraction techniques applying green solvents.


Lorena Vidal is Professor at the Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science Department, University of Alicante, Spain. She received her degree in Chemistry (2004) and PhD in Chemistry (2009) from University of Alicante. In 2010, she received a grant for a postdoctoral research in Helsinki, Finland. Her research focuses on Green Analytical Chemistry, developing environmentally friendly methods for trace analysis based on liquid-phase and solid-phase (micro)extraction techniques.