WG1. Objectives

The main aim of WG1 is to disseminate the fundamentals, new developments, applications and “green” aspects of sample preparation methods.

Dissemination of this information is through:

  • Organization of Special Issues in Scientific Journals and Special Sessions in International Conferences
  • Contribution of articles in Science Magazines
  • Independent publications in Scientific Journals
  • Presentations in International Conferences

Members of WG1 are also encouraged to collaborate with other “distant” disciplines, and transfer and exchange knowledge across borders.

The Sample Prep Task Task Force and Network collaborates with "LCGC" and "The Analytical Scientist".

WG1 is also responsible for coordinating IUPAC-related activities of the Sample Prep Network.

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WG1. Leaders

Soledad Cárdenas is full professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Cordoba (Spain) where she is also served as vice chancellor for Academic Affaires and Competitiveness. Her research interest is focused on the development of new materials (e.g., monolithic columns) in the sample treatment context. Her research group has done several contributions to the development of new extraction techniques. Soledad is the coordinator of the Spanish Network on Sample Treatment which is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Innovation, Science and Universities. Email: qa1caarm<at>uco.es

Emily Hilder, University of South Australia, Australia. Email: Emily.Hilder<at>unisa.edu.au

Verónica Pino is a Professor of the Chemistry Department (Analytical Chemistry Division) at Universidad de La Laguna (Spain) and leads the Laboratory of Materials for Chemical Analysis Research Group. Her research interests in analytical sample preparation include the development of novel liquid-based and sorbent-based microextraction approaches while including novel materials such as metal-organic frameworks, biopolymers, and ionic liquids and derivatives. Email: veropino<at>ull.edu.es